A Brief History of Glass Repair.

If something gets damaged on-site it can be a disaster; having it damaged is just not an option when dealing with clients who are expecting the best.

So you have to replace it right? Well not necessarily.

Technology has advanced to a stage where many things previously considered beyond repair are now fixable with near-invisible mends.

Consider Glass Windows – previously a chip may warrant a complete replacement of the glass panel. Glass repair systems have been used in automotive windscreen repair for over 30 years. The first repair process was an oil based fluid poured into the area of the damage which hid the damage. This had no practical benefit to the windscreen. This system made it appear fixed but did nothing to strengthen the windscreen and was non-permanent.

The next system major system created was the “Scotch Weld” system introduced by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) Company in 1971. This was a far more successful system but reportedly filled the bed of a flatbed truck. This was obviously less than ideal and after a short while, the use of this system was abandoned.

In 1972 the next big thing in windscreen repair came when Origin Inc. Developed a better process for windscreen repair, using adhesive resins which optimally match the windshield glass. This invention was licensed to a Garry Keinath founder of Novus inc. – they began the process of popularising the process and getting insurance companies interested in the benefits of the system.

As time went on the technology continued to improve and new cleaner and more effective methods were developed by the glass industry.

Modern glass repair works off the basic principle of the process which dates back over 30 years but the modern system is a lot more advanced. Above is a diagram of the system we at Re-new Use, our Scratch removal system licences the latest technology from Novus (who have over 30 years of experience) and we are the only company in the UK licensed to do so.

We apply a system which is proven and adapt it for a different use. Our system is proven to be the most cost effective than replacement glass and is better for the environment as it reduces glass waste.

Re-new is one of a few companies in the UK to have successfully demonstrated to The Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) that our polishing system does not have any detrimental effect on the failure characteristics of toughened safety glass.

For more information please see our overview:  https://www.renewmysurfaces.co.uk/overview/



History of Auto Glass Repair