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World’s finest glass repair technology and great service

  We make it Crystal clear – Our Glass repairing services are second to none. Often we are called to jobs where someone has already tried to polish their glass either with a professional or s a homemade repair. Our customers know and will happily tell you that our finish is superior to any other on the market today. We uniquely hold a licence for a technology from a US company – Novus – a company which pioneered the development of glass repair technologies for over 40 years. The technology we use is the world’s most advanced polishing system and
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Re‐new Glass’s unique Scratch Removal System (SRS)

Here, Re-New’s experts explain the unique Scratch Removal System (SRS), which operates by combining a chemical slurry with a 110 volt electromechanical polishing device. Benefits: This award winning system is proven to be more cost effective than replacement glass. It consumes less than a 20th of the electricity used to produce new glass, helps to reduce carbon emissions, is safe (as it can be used on glass in‐situ), negates the need for remedial works, and treatments can be completed more quickly than it takes to manufacture and deliver replacement glass. Features: Fully‐portable Clean and safe—attaches itself to flat glass by a vacuum Retains integrity of safety characteristics and standards Efficient—removes surface damage
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