Easy Clean Coatings

Enhance the look of glass and reduce cleaning costs using nano-technology

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Low maintenance’ surface technology reduces cruise ship customer complaints

Many glass manufacturers provide ‘self-cleaning’ glass as an option, but what can you do with glass that is already fitted and in-situ?

Do you have to replace it with new glass? Not now!

Renew Surface Repairs can successfully apply to fitted glass specialist surface coatings that will provide the surface of the glass with self-cleaning performance equal to those supplied by the major manufacturers. These easy clean coatings are manufactured by ‘World Class Producers’ whose reputations are known throughout the glass and glazing industry.

As cruise operators build bigger and more elaborate ships complaints relating to poor visibility through windows and sunscreens by salt corrosion has become a headache; until now that is!

Renew Surface Repairs has developed a unique relationship with a chemical manufacturer with over 25 years experience in glass surface treatments to restore glass back to its original condition, apply a long lasting high performance surface coating that will then protect it from further corrosion utilizing polymeric resins.

Our processes can be performed on all types of glass in-situ; reduces build up of dirt and debris and facilitates cleaning in a fraction of the time thus reducing cleaning costs.

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‘Low maintenance’ surface technology improves the view for swimmers.

Members and guests in a well known hotel fitness club were not able to see through heavily contaminated glass due to the build up of calcium from condensation generated by humidity from the swimming pools water, which could not be removed by the use of normal glass cleaning methods.

However, the application of our ‘low maintenance’ surface coatings to restore the glass back to ‘as new’ completely resolved this problem and still continues to repel condensation as well as dirt and debris to this day and looks as good as when the glass was first installed.

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