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We make it Crystal clear – Our Glass repairing services are second to none.

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A bit fuzzy? We can sort that out for you.

Often we are called to jobs where someone has already tried to polish their glass either with a professional or s a homemade repair. Our customers know and will happily tell you that our finish is superior to any other on the market today. We uniquely hold a licence for a technology from a US company – Novus – a company which pioneered the development of glass repair technologies for over 40 years. The technology we use is the world’s most advanced polishing system and is able to polish glass to the very highest standards exceeding the Glass and Glazing Federation’s (GGF) standards (Viewable here). We are confident that in a like for like repair, nobody can beat the visual quality of our glass repair. If you need proof, just look at our results here.

The superior quality of our technology isn’t the only way in which we excel, though. Our technicians are expertly trained to the highest standards and we are currently working with the GGF to set up a qualification on which the industry can rely. Our training processes ensure that our technicians do the best possible work and in the unlikely event that a customer is not completely satisfied with our work we will endeavour to do everything we can to fix the problems.

Customer service is key to everything we do at Re-new, it is common for a customer to give us very short notice – sometimes as little as a few working hours – that our services are required. Renew Surface Repairs has happy customers and we do our best to keep them that way – we commit ourselves to a superior service and will happily compare and demonstrate our worth versus our competitors. – If you are still not convinced that we can repair your glass to the standard we claim we are able to offer a free demonstration. A brief look through our testimonials shows the reason why our customers keep coming back time and time again. Our customers rely on us to deliver every time and we do our best to meet and exceed those standards.

If you want to ask us a question regarding our glass repair service or other services please call us on 0800 999 7920 or submit an enquiry here.