Glass Resin Repair

Glass Resin Repair saves you time and money…

The Renew Surface Repairs Glass Resin Repair System has been developed from the automotive windshield industry repair processes and technology, which has become a successful alternative to replacement glass particularly where the damage is on expensive safety glass such as laminated shop front windows, partitioning and curtain walling.

Glass Resin Repair Image

Glass Resin Repair work completed at Google Office, London.

With our Glass Resin Repair, bonding between resin and glass is typically greater than 3000 psi in tension once cured from a liquid to a solid under a UV lamp thus re-establishing an acceptable integral strength.

Although a resin repair may not be as strong as the original panel, many glazed units can take a resin repair for impact damage that’s cheaper than replacing the glass.

Before contemplating replacing an expensive piece of glass that has chip or shell damage, talk to the experts first on 0800 999 7920 or submit an enquiry online.

Renew Surface Repairs Glass Resin Repair, for all your construction repair needs. Based in Berkshire, we work across the south-east England, home counties and London.