Manifestation and Film Application


glass polishing exteriorOur range of Manifestation and Film Applications can add benefits without fuss Glass is a part of our everyday life that we tend to take for granted and for most of the time we are not aware of its existence even though it can have a dramatic effect on our lives.

Where glass increases the temperature of our environment or increases glare, Renew Surface Repairs can reduce the effects. If glass becomes the weakest point of entry for unwelcome guests we can make it more secure and where glass is potentially dangerous, we can make it safer.

Working conditions, productivity, theft, and terrorism have all become issues that if left unattended could cost organisations more than just money.

Civil action and litigation have become commonplace where victims seek compensation for accidents that are supported by Health and Safety regulations which place  the responsibility on individuals and organisations alike. It is, therefore, in all our interests to ensure that the working environment is, comfortable and free from risk or injury.

Whatever your glass problems are, Renew Surface Repairs can provide solutions to meet your needs. We provide a structured approach to each issue from the initial inspection through to risk assessment, installation and after sales service.

Total Solutions for Any Environment

To protect you and your glass Renew Surface Repairs offers the following film application services:

  • Safety (Regulation14)
  • Security
  • Solar Control
  • Manifestation
  • Privacy
  • Combination Films
  • Consultation

If your glass is imperfect we recommend using our scratch removal service prior to application of films.

For more information or to request a glass audit, please call us on 0800 999 7920 or submit an enquiry online.