Paint and Metal Restoration

Cost-effective restoration for dull, faded and contaminated finishes

If you own or are responsible for the maintenance of commercial properties built from the 70′s onwards then you will probably have powder-coated finishes on the building somewhere and possibly anodised aluminium or stainless steel components that make up the external facade of the building i.e. window and door frames, cladding, roller shutters, drain pipes, hand rails balustrading etc.

The cost to treat powder-coated or metal surfaces is a fraction of replacement costs and can be completed without disturbance to occupants or business activities, which is vital when you are looking for solutions that help reduce capital expenditure and also operational costs.

Whether you are considering refurbishment or dilapidations, remember that (with very few exceptions) it will be more cost-effective to ‘Renew Surface Repairs it’ rather than replace it.

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