Plastic & Polycarbonate Treatments

Restoration at a fraction of replacement costs

Renew Surface Repairs offer plastic & polycarbonate treatments for structures built with polycarbonate glazing such as walkways, atriums, conservatories, general glazing etc.  These materials can fade and deteriorate very quickly from the effects of UV light and ever changing weather conditions. With our treatments you can revitalise the tired services and ensure that they stay at an exceptional standard.

Polycarbonate Treatments - Before


glass polishing


Cleaning by orthodox methods becomes ineffective as surfaces build up layers of contamination and staining that is very difficult to remove without damaging the soft polycarbonate.

Renew Surface Repairs provides a complete restoration process to treat not just polycarbonate, but the whole structure itself including metal and power-coated materials to bring your asset back to life and looking as good as new.

As with all our treatments, these are non-abrasive, neutral ph, are safe, eco-friendly and sustainable. – For more on the economic benefits we can offer please see this article in our blog

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