Case Study Crest Nicholson

Crest NicholsonCrest Nicholson – Luxury homes in Birmingham repaired just in time


Crest Nicholson has been building new homes for 50 years.

The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities, both now and in the future, by providing better homes, workplaces, retail and leisure spaces.


Crest Nicholson had just built just under 1,400 new homes at Park Central — a prestigious development in the centre of Birmingham. However, during the last inspection, they found several units with scratched glass. This was especially important as they were about to enter the handover period for phase 13 ‘Central Plaza’; the flagship phase for the long‐running project.


With only 24-hours to resolve the issue, Renew Surface Repairs responded by rescheduling technicians to visit the Park Central site and carry out the urgent repairs.

Ross Oates (Crest Nicholson’s Site Manager) comments: “I’d call Renew Surface Repairs on a Thursday night, asking for someone to complete repairs the next day—and 9 times out of 10 they delivered!”

Repairing entailed use of Renew’s high-tech, high-spec, patented system to polish away the sort of damage that will naturally occur on a building site. Renew’s technology allows technicians to polish glass to an excellent standard, cleanly, quickly and cost-effectively.



Crest Nicholson was able to successfully hand over every property on time, with good-quality glazing throughout.

Ross summarises: “I very much appreciated the professionalism of Renew’s work. With last minute touch ups to decoration going on, replacing any of the glass would have been a nightmare. Renew’s clean and tidy process, and their quick response times meant minimum disruption and maximum results. I couldn’t be happier.”