Case Study – Spiral Cellars

Glass Restoration for a client in need

Cellar Door Glass RestorationCellar Door Glass Restoration


Our client, Spiral Cellars, had a call from one of their clients; a beautiful and expensive wine cellar door was scratched badly and it looked unsightly. They recommended a repair through Re-new, so that it could be restored to its former beauty. Their client, Jolene, was sceptical about a repair option as other providers had told her it couldn’t be done, but we’ve worked with Spiral Cellars before and they told her that if anyone could do it, Renew Surface Repairs could.


With Christmas approaching and this being one of the focal points of her home, Jolene wanted the scratches gone before her guests arrived.  We don’t often work directly with private clients, but we were able to arrange an alternative payment method for Jolene’s glass restoration needs.

Being such an expensive item, Jolene wanted the very best finish possible so we demonstrated just how effective our system is.


Working around Jolene’s schedule, we sent James (one of our expert technicians) along to complete the work. Jolene took a keen interest in James’s progress. This was nerve-wracking for him, but that didn’t stop him quickly restoring the doors to their former beauty — all in time for Jolene’s Christmas festivities.


The results were fantastic and the client was overjoyed that her surface was restored, (almost) good as new. She was extremely complimentary about Re-new and the results speak for themselves.
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