About Us

Re-new: Re-new – Protect – Maintain

Since 2001 Re-new Surface Systems (Previously T/A Re-new Glass) has been dedicated to the development of high-quality restoration processes and services unrivalled throughout the UK.

These services are:

  • On-site glass polishing to remove surface damage – Our Glass Restoration Techniques use world class technologies.
  • Resin Repairs to restore glass that is chipped, shelled or cracked.
  • Window and door frame repairs.
  • On-site re-spraying to any colour with a variety of paint finishes.
  • Manifestation & Film Application.
  • Polymeric Coatings to enhance the appearance of glass and reduce cleaning costs.
  • Polycarbonate and plastic restoration or replacement.
  • Powder coated paint restoration.
  • Specialist chemical cleaning to remove surface contamination such as building run-off from glass, powder-coated surfaces and anodised aluminium.
  • Hard Surface Repair – for numerous materials I.e. Laminates, worktops, Ceramics engineered stone and many others.

As an award winning company, Re-new’s range of innovative treatments is supported by fully trained, highly motivated operatives. Our specialist restoration treatments that have been developed by world class manufacturers.

Re-new provides proven technologies to clean, treat, repair and protect building substrates that are cost-effective, sustainable, eco-friendly, clean and safe and we are committed to the continued development of new innovative surface treatments that are designed not damage building substrates.

Although most contamination can be removed from surfaces by proprietary products that are readily available; many of these substances are very aggressive and can cause permanent damage to building materials which can be very expensive to replace.

Re-new’s philosophy is simple; identify exactly what the surface damage is and then match it to a treatment that will remove it without causing further damage. To ensure the best quality our treatments are supported and analysed by accredited laboratories and industry experts where necessary; supported by our own workshops or by on-site testing where samples are provided for customer approval.

Whatever your surface contamination problems are, Re-new can provide solutions to meet your needs. We provide a structured approach to each task from the initial survey through to pricing, risk assessment, project management and after sales service. So, please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 900 3866 or email us via the link above to enquiries@re-newglass.co.uk for further information or advice.

Re-new Glass: A Total Solutions Provider