How much money can we save?
That depends on the extent and severity of the damage. If you have a lot of expensive large panes of glass or specialist surfaces, repairing can save you hundreds of pounds; A free evaluation that can be compared with your replacement costs will give you a better idea.

Is it better for the environment?
Our methods increase the lifespan of the existing materials keeping them from landfill. This has a positive effect on the environment.

How much time will you take?

This depends on what you need doing we don’t make guarantees on a “per-pane basis” on glass but an assessment can be made to estimate how long work may take. On hard surface repair the same logic applies.

Can we get a price upfront?
If you take advantage of a free assessment we can give you a cost upfront which includes everything. Allowing you to know exactly what you’re going to pay.

Is there a standard price?
We do offer rates based on a day or per hour, these are discussed on a per-client basis so to get the best price submit an enquiry online or give us a call on:- 0800 999 7920

Can you do a ____ surface?
We can do many surfaces – many of which are outlined in our hard surface repair page – if you’re unsure we can deal with your particular issue then please contact us with an enquiry online or call us on:-0800 999 7920

Will the glass be weaker as a result of polishing?
No. Owing to the superior quality of finish from our Renew Surface Repair glass polisher and the skill of our expert technicians – the process will remove the structural weakness of the scratch actually improving structural integrity.

Can you polish toughened glass without damaging its unique properties?
Yes! We’re one of the only UK companies to successfully complete tests which has successfully demonstrated that our system does not change the safety characteristics of toughened glass. Our process should not have any affect either on your glass warranty or insurance liability.

Can you complete this work with the glass in-situ or would we have to take out the glass panel?
All of our Glass polishing is usually done in-situ if required in specialist circumstances we sometimes remove glass but this is very rare. This is one of the benefits of using our system it can be completed in situ it’s also quicker, safer and usually cheaper than replacing.

Can you remove Contamination?
Yes we can remove many types of contamination on hard surfaces or glass (including but not limited to concrete contamination, graffitied surfaces, chemical spills and pollution damage). If you do not know the specific cause of contamination we can examine and test an area to ascertain the best treatments.

Will it cause a mess?
Our glass polishing system is the cleanest on the market and our technicians make every effort to ensure the surrounding area is protected from any accidental mistake as a precautionary measure. We will always make every effort to leave the area of work as clean as possible.

Can you work out of normal business hours?
It is possible to negotiate work outside of standard business hours this will be at the discretion of our operations manager. We will be as flexible as possible and as customer service is integral to what we do every effort will be made to accommodate these requests.

What guarantees can you offer?
1) We work hard on customer care and every effort will be made to ensure that you are happy with our products and services .
2) We are here to save you money against replacement costs, so if a repair is not a viable alternative (Beyond Economical Repair) to replacement we’ll tell you.
3) We will guarantee all our work especially on toughened safety glass and will attend to fix any repair which does not measure up to exacting standards.

How deep a scratch can you treat?
Many people will tell you that a surface cannot be polished if the scratch is “fingernail depth” we do not subscribe to this belief as we have routinely demonstrated that we are able to treat surfaces others say are not possible to polish – if you’re not sure you can polish your surface – submit an enquiry online or call us and we will be happy to review the damage and advise you on your options.

Can you polish textured glass?
No. Unfortunately our system is not able to treat textured glass as it will remove the texture of the glass.